President Elect's Message 2018

Dr. Chairat Permpikul
President Elect,

Critical care is a unique specialty with an integration of clinical expertise, basic sciences, advanced technology, and the art of collaboration. Critically ill patients are anywhere. We, intensitivists, have primary responsibility to do our best to save their life, to bring them back to life with good quality and to save the resources. With these missions, updated knowledge and competency are needed.

The Asia Pacific Association of Critical Care Medicine (APACCM) is an organization which is committed to foster the development of good critical care practice in our region. Our mandate is to, bringing about knowledge sharing and promoting education for member countries, which are full of diversity. By organizing conferences, participating in national meeting and providing short course training; we have increasingly achieved the missions. Yet, more works are ahead and many things need to be executed. Knowledge synthesis is challenging. The important success factors are understanding and collaboration from you.

Please join us through the journey towards better critical care for the benefit of our patients and our society.

contact info
Tata Memorial Hospital, Dr Ernest Borges Road, Parel
Mumbai 400 012, India.
What we do
Critical Care Medicine shall mean that section of health care specifically organized for the management of the critically ill patient.